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Michael Dixon has been a collector since Christmas Day 1964 when his brother gave him a Blue Whitman
"Penny" folder. This gift from his only brother John turned into a lifetime fascination with coins. Mike would
like to thank his brother for giving him that Whitman folder for Christmas!  

Mike started dealing coins in 1972 under the name "Mike's Coins" in Oak Hill, West Virginia.  Mike placed a
3 x 5 card on the bulletin board at Pennyfare Food Market to sell Jefferson Nickels and was introduced to
long time collector Harry Skaggs.  Harry mentored Mike as to what sold, what collectors wanted, etc.  This  
mentorship, with the help of Mike's sister Sue and sister-in-law Barbara, led to  mail order, shows and flea
markets. This lasted until 1983 when he joined the United States Army.

During 1984 and 1985, Mike was a "Vest Pocket" dealer in the Shreveport, Louisiana Area. Moving to
Hawaii in 1985, Mike started dealing at the Aloha Swap Meet and doing shows. From there Mike and his
wife Cristina opened a store outside Honolulu named "Hobbies Unlimited." Mike owned this store until
March 1993, when he was transferred to Fort Knox, KY.

Once in Kentucky, Mike opened "Hobbies Unlimited" in Radcliff, KY and ran Michael Dixon Numismatics as
Mail Order. He operated this store until he received orders for Korea in March 1997.

Mike packed his store and operated at the weekly show in Yongsan, Korea until his return to the states in
March 1998. From March 1998 until the his retirement from the United States Army in July 2003, he
operated Ebay auctions, coin shows/auctions and web sales/trades.

Since retirement from the United States Army, Mike has promoted coin shows and auctions in the
Maryland, West Virginia and Pennsylvania area.  Mike, along with and Bill Waltman, promote The National
Battlefield Coin Show each September at the Eisenhower Hotel and Conference Center in Gettysburg, PA.
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